Web Development

What We Do

The web development team deliver an array of web projects and create simple and easy to use websites that drive more business. We put steps in place to make sure you end up with a website that helps you reach your goals. Our process involves the following steps –

Gather Insights

Get an understanding of what you want from your website plus take a look at your current site, the competitors and the market.

Create the Specification

Create the relevant documentation and outline the project plan of what is to be delivered.


We create wireframes first to define a good user journey and flow to the website, followed by a visual design of how your website will look and feel.


Bringing your designs to life, add the content to the site and ensure it is responsive for all devices.


We conduct full testing before anything goes to live to eradicate any bugs.


Using a full deployment plan, we then put the website live and continually monitor it to flag and resolve any issues.

In the Background we also..

  • Your domain registrations
  • Changing your name servers
  • Setting up your mailboxes
  • Ensuring your business shows in Google My Business and in the map listings
  • Adding SEO so that your customers can find you easily
  • Integrating with your social media pages and embedding your tweets/Facebook posts so they show live on your website
  • Building, integrating and embedding an online shop, such as Woocommerce
  • Ensuring that your website is easy to navigate and has a good structure
  • Building a tailor-made website bespoke for your requirements

The Categories

Our work is split into 3 categories, dependant on your needs and our first consultation we will outline which package is right for you.


This is our base package, for static websites.


Larger website, incorporating a shop, e-payment systems, newsletters and collecting user emails, dynamic social content, live chat.


Full bells and whistles.

NOTE: All prices for categories are a rough estimate, a lot of the time websites don’t fit exactly into one category. A full cost breakdown will be supplied when the specification is created.